Just how to Compose an Apartment Or Condo Address

An apartment or condo address is a difficult point. You can invest your entire life composing them one method as well as still have your questions. Have you been doing it incorrect the whole time?

This is where the USA Post Office (USPS) jumps in to save mailers from complication. When it pertains to mail, their referrals are just as good as gold.

The USPS apartment or condo address layout

USPS asks senders to compose a house address on 3 lines like you would certainly for lots of various other basic addresses. The apartment or condo number takes place the 2nd address line:

  1. Receiver’s lawful name
  2. Road number, road name, apartment or condo number
  3. City, state, postal code

For instance, the address layout for an apartment or condo in Tampa florida, FL would certainly resemble this:


1099 PRIZE ST APT 600


If you can not conveniently press all that info onto the 2nd line, you can compose the apartment or condo number on the 3rd line. Relocate the city, state, as well as ZIP code to a brand-new 4th line, like this:


1099 PRIZE ST APT 600 TAMPA FL FL 33602

You could require to clear up which apartment or condo developing the system is situated in. Include the structure number or letter similar to this:




That 2nd line is obtaining crowded. Keep in mind, you can relocate any kind of second info to a brand-new line if you can not fit everything on one line. That’s the structure as well as apartment or condo info in the instance over.

You might likewise require to attend to a person that becomes part of a business based in a house, space, collection, or an additional kind of

rental residence

outdoor apartment mailbox with address labels

system. Because situation, you would certainly include the business name to its very own 2nd line, after that move the last 2 lines down.



  • 1099 PRIZE ST APT 600 TAMPA FL FL 33602
  • General apartment or condo address standards Wondering why these addresses are composed in all caps? Uppercase offer postal arranging makers a close to warranty of acknowledging an address. That’s specifically real when they’re published, yet it puts on transcribed addresses also.
  • Making use of caps lock isn’t the only referral USPS has. Attempt to adhere to these standards following time you compose a house address: Bid farewell to the majority of spelling:
  • This could come as a shock if you have actually invested your whole life including commas as well as durations to addresses, yet spelling does not do the message workplace’s arranging makers any kind of supports. Stay with the left side:
  • When you compose an address, the very first letters of each line need to line up with each various other. Prevent focusing each line when you can. Review it from a range:
  • Hold your envelope or plan at arm’s size. You need to have the ability to review the apartment or condo address conveniently.( Do not) go back to sender:
  • Ensure to include a return address to the leading left edge. Utilize the exact same layout if the return address is likewise a house address. Stick to dark ink on light paper:
  • Black ink on white paper is best. If you wish to include a little shade, make certain there’s lots of comparison in between both. Can you still review it at arm’s size? Pencils are out: USPS advises making use of a pen or long-term pen for transcribed apartment or condo addresses. Uninteresting typefaces are best: As appealing as that regal, elaborate font style might be, basic typefaces like Helvetica or Times New Roman are a lot more sorter-friendly. The exact same chooses transcribed addresses– the easier, the much better. Acronyms are your pal: The acronym Proper for apartment or condo is favored. That likewise puts on words like road or roadway

( usage


  • or
  • Rd
  • ). And also bear in mind, you do not require to include durations after acronyms.
  • What should be abbreviated?
  • A Few Of one of the most typical USPS-approved acronyms are:

APT (apartment or condo) BLDG (structure) FL (flooring) RM (space) STE (collection) Words system

isn’t abbreviated, so you would certainly simply compose

  • SYSTEM or
  • System If you utilize an extra pound indicator (#) rather than a designator like the ones over, include a room prior to as well as after the extra pound indicator.
  • As constantly, uppercase are favored. If you select the option, just exploit the very first letter of the acronym, as well as once again, do not utilize spelling. House number 600 should resemble this: APT 600

You could likewise compose this:

Proper 600 Or this: # 600

(bear in mind the added area) Do I actually require to utilize uppercase as well as no acronyms? You do not


to exploit as well as abbreviate. Individual mail standards are a lot more loosened up than organization mail policies, so the message workplace isn’t mosting likely to send you upset letters if you disregard their pointers. They could send your mail back to you.

That claimed, exploiting as well as avoiding spelling still decreases the threat of a problem, which indicates a much more smooth experience for your mail as well as the postal staff members that manage it. If you choose to miss these standards, a letter to an

apartment or condo in Pittsburgh,

postal delivery truck delivering mail to an apartment address

may be attended to similar to this:

Jane Bennet

1795 Pemberly Drive, Proper. 227

Pittsburgh, 15212

This envelope or plan will possibly still reach its location. You’re taking a little threat that an arranging device reviews it the incorrect method.

Should I consist of the ZIP +4 code? If you recognize the total nine-digit postal code or wish to look it up, including it to the apartment or condo address never ever injures. Include it if you have it, yet the basic five-digit postal code is normally great also.

A complete postal code, total with ZIP +4 code would certainly be formatted similar to this:




15212-9713(*) The ZIP +4 code defines a vehicle driver’s specific shipment course. Including it to the last line can decrease the possibility of problems en course, as well as it could also cut a day or 2 off your shipment time.(*) House addresses are versatile(*) So you sent out mail to a house address yet really did not adhere to among the advised approaches over. Do not sweat it. As long as you consist of the crucial components of the total address, the post office will certainly probably obtain your mail where it requires to go.(*) Yet following time you require to send by mail a final birthday celebration card, attempt to adhere to USPS standards as very closely as you can. It can make the distinction in between “satisfied birthday celebration” as well as “satisfied belated birthday celebration.”(*)

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