Homemade Fabric Pads – Free Fabric Pads Pattern

Have you ever before thought about making use of towel pads as an all-natural, multiple-use method to manage your cycle? Today I’m sharing my easy tutorial as well as cost-free pattern for making home made Fabric Pads!

Multiple-use towel pads are not just comfy, yet far better for your skin, as well as far better for the setting. They are simple to make as well as can be made really reasonably.

Homemade Fabric Pads

Quit! I see you there attempting to flee from this message! Prior to you enter horror at the very least hear me out.

A number of years ago I initially became aware of towel pads.

My very first response was, YUCK! Why would certainly you intend to need to manage something? The concept still attracted me so I still looked right into it as well as was impressed at the details that I discovered.

reusable pads

Exactly How Can Fabric Pads Aid

As I explored it even more, below are a few of things I uncovered regarding towel pads:

  • Fabric pads are made without chemicals as well as you can also obtain some without dyes.
  • Fabric pads eliminate the threat of TSS( Harmful Shock Disorder) considering that you aren’t placing any kind of chemicals or tampons right into your body.
  • Some females discover a decrease in size or thickness of durations, or lowered pains, clotting, and so on while making use of towel vs disposables. (I directly can bear witness this!)
  • Considering that the textile is a lot more breathable than plastic which is commonly made use of for non reusable pads, making use of towel minimizes your threat of breakouts or infections.

Those factors were also helpful for me not to provide it a shot. I began out by acquiring

Thankful Dustcloths

They were pricey yet my co-op brought them as well as they declared to last 5 years when looked after to make sure that deserved the cost. The very first clean I placed them via they diminished like insane as well as obtained all turned up. They were still useful yet are not in excellent form. I after that mosted likely to


homemade cloth pads

They were a little bit a lot more pricey yet if I needed to select a store-bought pad that I suched as the very best it would certainly be these. They did not diminish as well as I suched as the textile they were constructed of.

  • However after that I obtained truly endure as well as determined it was time to make my very own. As well as I’m below to reveal you just how you can do it also! If you have some scrap flannel as well as some alright abilities with a stitching equipment (you can likewise stitch these by hand) you can make an easy towel pad. Products You Required to Make Fabric Pads Cotton Flannel (Not significantly, at the very least 1/4 lawn in 2 shades will certainly make you a pair pads, I obtain my own from
  • Fabric.com which is currently offered by Amazon.com.) You can likewise make use of hemp or bamboo textile. I would certainly steer clear of from artificial materials like polyester as well as nylon as they will certainly not be as breathable. Stitching equipment. Any kind of equipment will certainly do or you can also hand stitch. I have a standard
  • Bro Stitching Device
  • String.
  • Cotton string for this task. Gauging Tape. Scissors. I make use of normal stitching scissors as well as
  • Pinking Shears in this task.

Fabric Pad Lining Pattern

(scroll to the base of message for web link)


Detailed Guidelines for Making Multiple-use Pads


Initially, you will certainly require to map around your pattern on the textile. You can make use of a pen or a material pencil or whatever you carry hand.

Eliminate 2 of each of the patterns.


Transform the textile completely as well as stitch the lining around the sides. Walk around the whole point leaving no openings. Do the exact same for the wings of the pad.


You can make use of a zigzag sew for every one of the joints yet I like a straight stitch.


Clip a victory side of both the wings as well as the pad.


Usage this to transform the textile appropriate side out. Do this for both wings as well as pad after that iron each of them.


See to it to place the sides with the openings with each other so you will not have the ability to see them in the ended up pad. Stitch the pad onto the wings. Currently for a closure … if you do not intend to spend a lot in the pads or you do not intend on making much of them you can simply make use of Velcro or a switch. Or else, purchase a


Snapper Device

as well as placed breaks on the pad to maintain it connected. (I made use of plastic breaks like the ones they create homemade towel baby diapers)

That’s all there is to it! It takes me just around 20 mins throughout to make a pad so it’s minimal time invested in something that will certainly conserve you a great deal of cash!

To make use of the pads, merely cover the wings around the lower component of your underclothing as well as break with each other. It must remain in location up until it requires to be altered yet if you discover the pad moving a little bit, include a squiggle line of warm adhesive down sides to aid maintain it in position.

Tips on Making Multiple-use Sanitary Napkins:

The less expensive flannel that you purchase the much shorter life of the pad. In some cases it deserves investing a little bit a lot more on a high quality textile so you obtain even more usage from it. I have actually discovered a lot of terrific flannels in the residues container at textile shops!

SEE TO IT your flannel is 100% cotton! Fabricated materials will certainly trigger sweating.

See to it to clean the textile initially to stay clear of contraction in the end product.

Red Cloth Pads

Expand the pattern by portion or reduce the pattern out much longer for a bigger pad.

You might intend to include a little bit even more joint allocation to the pattern as it did not initially have it. Exactly How to Look After Reusable Sanitary Products To take care of your towel pads, make certain to clean them as soon as possible after usage. If you aren’t running a lots of washing as soon as possible, maintain them in a little container (with a cover) loaded with chilly water as well as some

BacOut to aid stop discolorations. If you discover you aren’t obtaining the discolorations out as well as aren’t able to saturate them up until the cleaning, at the very least spray them with


prior to placing them in the washing machine.

Multiple-use pads can be cleaned in addition to your normal tons of washing. They do not require a fragile cycle.

homemade cloth pads

Do not make use of fragrant washing cleaning agent or soap on towel pads or it will certainly aggravate your skin.


This is a terrific wicking textile that is best for that added layer. Do It Yourself Fabric Pads Pattern If you have difficulty with your regular monthly cycle you may likewise have an interest in making one of these

Homemade Hot Pad They are easy to do as well as can be a genuine lifesaver! Discover a lot more terrific sewing jobs such as this one on our Economical Do It Yourself Projects web page or head right over to this


Free Printable Stitching Patterns


Making Multiple-use Pads at a Glimpse

What textile do you make use of for multiple-use pads? I constantly make use of cotton yet any kind of all-natural textile such as hemp or bamboo will certainly function.

Is Zorb textile breathable?

Zorb textile

is a wicking textile, suggesting that its function is to attract dampness far from the skin. It’s breathable to a particular level yet possibly not as high as added layers of cotton.

The amount of layers do you require for towel pads?

If you intend to make something light, one layer (or one solitary lining pattern) suffices. For boosted absorbancy, include even more layers.


What are the negative aspects of multiple-use towel pads?

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Fabric pads can be hard to transform when you are not in your home. They can likewise bring a smell if they are not cleaned correctly.(*) Have you ever before attempted home made towel pads? Do you believe you will attempt making them?(*) This tutorial for Homemade Fabric Pads was initially released on Little Home Staying In January 2013. It has actually been upgraded since October 2022.(*)

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