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Have you ever before seen a hen with plumes that resemble they’re made from silk? That’s due to the fact that they are called Silkie poultries!

These one-of-a-kind animals are recognized for their tranquil attitude as well as soft plumes, that make them a prominent option for yard farmers.

If you’re thinking of including a couple of silkies to your group, continue reading to find out more concerning these unique poultries with hair.

What is a Silkie Poultry?

The Silkie poultry is a type of poultry that is identified by its cosy tuft, which is stated to seem like silk.

The type has actually been around for centuries as well as come from Asia. Silkies are smaller sized than a lot of various other poultry types as well as lay less eggs.

Nevertheless, they make superb family pets because of their accommodating nature as well as caring personalities.

Silkies are additionally utilized in Chinese food, where their meat is taken into consideration to be a special. Recently, the type has actually ended up being significantly prominent in the West as a program poultry.

Call of Type Silkie
Ideal Utilizes Companionship/exhibition
Typical Dimension 2 pounds
Heritage Type? Yes
Time to Maturation ~ 10 months
Life-span 4 to 8 years
Variants Black, grey, sprinkle, partridge, lover, blue, white
Egg Size/Color Tiny, lotion
Egg Manufacturing 100 eggs each year typically
Behavior Pleasant
Broodiness Yes
Flightiness No
Sound Degree Silent
Great For Beginners? Yes
Great For Youngsters? Yes
Strength Yes

What Shade Do Silkies Can Be Found In?

Silkies are a kind of poultry that is recognized for their smooth, cosy plumes. The Chinese Silkie poultry is genuinely distinctive as well as is often considered a “hirsute poultry” due to its one-of-a-kind feathering.

Silkies are currently acknowledged by the American Chicken Organization as well as can be discovered in various shades, consisting of black, blue, lover, grey, partridge, as well as white.

You can discover this type in practically every shade, consisting of a white Silkie poultry as well as also a pink Silkie poultry!

What Does a Silkie Poultry Resemble?

Silkies are a type of poultry recognized for their uncommon look. Their most distinguishing characteristic is their tuft, which is identified by its smooth appearance.

These unclear poultries additionally have black skin as well as bones, as well as 5 toes on each foot (most poultries have 4).

On top of that, these birds are taller than various other types of poultry, as well as they have an accommodating character.

As a result of their one-of-a-kind look, these types are usually utilized in programs as well as exhibits. They are additionally prominent as family pets, as well as they make superb moms.

What Does a Silkie Fowl Resemble?

Silkie fowls are among one of the most distinct as well as conveniently well-known poultry types They are identified by their uncommonly cosy plumes, which have a smooth appearance.

Silkies are additionally reasonably little birds, with men usually evaluating no greater than 5 extra pounds.

Along with their uncommon look, Silkie fowls are additionally recognized for being accommodating as well as affable.

Because of this, they make superb family pets for youngsters or novices that are brand-new to maintaining poultries.

Just How Huge Do Silkie Hens Obtain?

Though they are not the biggest poultry type, they are still a great dimension for a lot of yard groups.

Grownup Silkies usually consider in between 4 as well as 6 extra pounds, with fowls getting on the bigger end of that range. They are additionally reasonably slow-growing, occupying to 24 weeks to reach their complete dimension.

Silkie Polydactyly

These poultries are a type of poultry that is identified by its black skin as well as bones, in addition to 5 toes on each foot, as opposed to the typical 4. While this might not appear like a huge distinction, it’s in fact fairly uncommon in the poultry globe.

Actually, much less than 1% of all poultries have this hereditary anomaly referred to as polydactyly. While there is no genuine advantage to having an added toe, some individuals discover the Silkie’s one-of-a-kind look to be fairly attractive.

Because of this, these birds are usually utilized in programs as well as exhibits.

Exist Bantam Silkies?

Bantam silkie poultry types are among one of the most prominent types of poultries maintained as family pets.

Bantam silkies are smaller sized than common silkies, as well as they usually consider in between 2 as well as 4 extra pounds. As a result of their little dimension, they are usually utilized as program birds.

Silkie Personality as well as Actions

Along with their one-of-a-kind tuft, Silkies are additionally identified by their tranquility as well as accommodating nature. They make superb family pets as well as are recognized for being specifically great with youngsters.

Silkies usually delight in being dealt with as well as will certainly also permit themselves to be brought about like a packed pets.

Nevertheless, they can additionally be independent as well as often like to cluck as well as damage by themselves.

In general, Silkies make terrific friends as well as are liked by poultry lovers for their wonderful personalities as well as uncommon look.

Silkie Poultry Eggs: Do Silkie Hens Lay Eggs?

Among one of the most typical inquiries concerning Silkies is whether they lay eggs. The response is of course! Silkies are great egg-layers, as well as their eggs are huge about their body dimension.

Actually, Silkie chickens are usually utilized as brooders, or mommy chickens, for various other poultry types.

The Number Of Eggs Do Silkie Hens Lay?

Silkies usually lay around 100 eggs each year, however they might go broody (quit laying eggs in order to nurture them) much more often than various other poultry types.

While they might not generate as lots of eggs as a few other poultry types, Silkies are still efficient in laying eggs.

Actually, Silkie chickens are usually utilized as incubators for various other poultry eggs, because of their capacity to remain on the eggs for extended periods of time.

What Shade Eggs Do Silkies Lay?

Along with their one-of-a-kind plumes, Silkies additionally lay white or cream-colored eggs. While the eggs of a lot of poultries have a brownish or blue color, the eggs of Silkies are a pure white or lotion shade.

This makes them a prominent option for those that are seeking genuinely one-of-a-kind as well as gorgeous eggs.

At What Age Do Silkies Lay Eggs?

As a whole, the ordinary Silkie chicken will certainly start laying eggs at around 6 months old. This can differ rather depending on the specific bird.

Some Silkies might begin laying a little bit previously, while others might not lay their very first egg up until they are 7 or 8 months old.

I was so delighted when I discovered my very first egg! I had actually been awaiting months, since I obtained my ladies, as well as I was delighted that they were lastly old sufficient to lay.

Can You Increase Silkie Hens for Meat?

It is feasible to increase these birds for meat, though they are not usually expanded for this objective.

Silkies are a type of poultry that is recognized for their cosy plumes, which are stated to seem like silk. They are additionally recognized for their accommodating nature, making them great family pets.

Nevertheless, Silkies are smaller sized than lots of various other types of poultries, which can make them much less excellent for meat manufacturing.

On top of that, due to the fact that Silkies are usually white-feathered, they might be much more vulnerable to sunburn.

If you do choose to increase Silkies for meat, it is essential to make sure to safeguard their skin from the sunlight.

Taking Care Of Silkie Hens

If you’re considering including a Silkie black poultry to your group, there are a couple of points you require to learn about looking after these unique birds.

Are Silkies Easy to Maintain?

While they might look various from various other types of poultry, they are in fact fairly sturdy as well as simple to take care of.

Silkies are superb moms as well as make great brooders, so they are usually utilized to nurture eggs.

What Do They Consume?

When it concerns feeding, Silkies call for a diet regimen that is high in healthy protein in order to sustain their fast development price.

An easy diet plan of poultry feed supplemented with mealworms or various other protein-rich foods will certainly maintain your Silkies healthy and balanced as well as pleased.

I lately started maintaining poultries, as well as among the very first points I needed to find out was what to feed them. I promptly found that there is a great deal of false information available concerning poultry nourishment.

As an example, I was often informed that poultries require grit to absorb their food, however this is in fact not real.

Hens have a gizzard, which is a muscle belly that grinds up food without the demand for grit if you are free-ranging your birds.

Considering that my poultries have the ability to accumulate their very own grit, the grit I was getting was completely unneeded.

Nevertheless, poultries do require a diet regimen that is high in healthy protein as well as reduced in fat, as way too much fat can bring about health issue. You actually require to ensure you’re feeding your birds specialized feed.

I additionally found out that poultries must not be offered any kind of sort of refined food, as it can be hard for them to absorb.

Rather, they must consume a diet regimen that is composed mainly of fresh vegetables and fruits, grains, as well as bugs.

Suitable Real Estate

While they make terrific family pets, they have details real estate needs that require to be fulfilled in order to maintain them healthy and balanced as well as pleased.

Silkies must be maintained in a cage that has a lot of area for them to move as well as extend their wings. The cage ought to additionally have a nesting box for each and every poultry, in addition to perches for them to rest on.

In regards to the real dimension of the cage, a great general rule is to enable concerning 4 square feet of area per poultry.

It is essential to ensure that their cage is well-ventilated as well as does not obtain as well warm in the summer season or as well breezy in the wintertime.


Silkies are believed to initially originate from Asia, as well as they are appropriate to heat. They can additionally do well in chilly climate, as long as they have accessibility to sanctuary as well as food.

Simply ensure their feathery feet do not splash as well as remain damp. It can take much longer for them to dry out off.

Right here are some suggestions I have actually learnt more about exactly how to maintain your poultries cozy as well as completely dry:

  • ensure they have a completely dry area to roost If their cage is damp, they can obtain frostbite on their feet.
  • you can placed Vaseline on their feet to aid protect against frostbite.
  • if they do obtain frostbite, you require to promptly heat their feet up with cozy water or a warm light
  • ensure you watch on them as well as examine their feet consistently throughout the wintertime.

Usual Illness as well as Conditions

Among one of the most typical health issue dealt with by these birds is breathing problems. This is usually brought on by the type’s little airway, which can end up being obstructed conveniently.

Silkies are additionally specifically vulnerable to Marek’s illness, a viral infection that assaults the nerves. Ensure you buy immunized poultries.

Last But Not Least, Silkies are susceptible to creating exterior bloodsuckers, such as lice as well as termites. This schedules partially to their greatly feathery feet as well as various other body components.

While these troubles can be severe, they can usually be stopped with appropriate treatment as well as husbandry. Examine your poultries usually as well as ensure they have accessibility to a dirt bathroom.

Silkie Killers

Silkies are a kind of poultry that is recognized for their cosy plumes as well as accommodating character.

Sadly, this makes them a very easy target for killers. Canines, pet cats, raccoons, as well as serpents are all typical killers of Silkies.

When I initially began maintaining poultries, I promptly found out that killers are an actual danger. I shed 2 poultries to a hawk, as well as an additional to a fox. It was a challenging lesson, however I did find out some means to safeguard my poultries from killers.

Initially, I developed a strong fencing around the cage. This shuts out smaller sized pets like weasels as well as serpents. I additionally mounted a hen cable obstacle around the border of the backyard. This hinders bigger killers like prairie wolves.

Ultimately, I made certain to maintain the cage tidy as well as devoid of food scraps. This reduces the possibilities of drawing in rats, which can reel in various other killers.

My guidance to you? Ensure the cage is sturdy as well as has no spaces that a killer can press with.

Think about buying an automated poultry cage door opener so your poultries enter as well as evening as well as are safeguarded.

In addition, take into consideration mounting a fencing around the border of the cage as well as hiding it numerous inches below ground to discourage excavating pets.

Ultimately, watch on your birds as well as look out for indicators of predation, such as plumes near the cage or uncommon actions from the birds.

For How Long Do Silkie Hens Live?

So how much time do these precious birds usually live? The response is not as straight-forward as one may really hope.

While some Silkies can live for upwards of one decade, the ordinary life expectancy for a Silkie poultry is just 4-8 years.

This relies on a range of elements, consisting of exactly how well the bird is looked after as well as in what sort of environment.

Where to Get Silkie Chicks

The most effective area to acquire Silkie chicks is from a respectable dog breeder. This will certainly guarantee that you’re obtaining healthy and balanced birds that have actually been effectively interacted socially.

You can additionally examine your regional feed shop or farming supply shop. These areas usually have a great option ofSilkie chicks offered.

When selecting your chicks, search for indicators of health, such as intense eyes as well as clear nostrils.

Last Ideas

If you’re thinking of increasing poultries, Silkies are a fantastic choice.

They’re simple to take care of as well as will certainly offer you with a lot of eggs as well as meat. And also, their adorable look makes sure to transform heads when your good friends as well as next-door neighbors come to check out.

Think about increasing a few of these birds today!

Often Asked Inquiries Concerning Silkie Hens

Do Silkie Hens Have Hair?

While a lot of poultries do not have hair, there is one selection referred to as the Silkie poultry that does have plumes that appear like hair. These plumes are called “Silkies” as well as they are softer than typical poultry plumes.

What Hens Have Plumes on Their Feet?

The Silkie is a type of poultry that is identified by its silk-like plumes. The plumes on their feet are specifically lengthy as well as soft, providing a distinct look.

Various other poultries with feathery feet consist of the Cochin, Faverolle, Langshan, Belgian d’Uccle, as well as Booted Bantam, among others.

Just How Much Do Silkie Hens Expense?

If you have an interest in buying a Silkie poultry, costs can differ relying on the dog breeder as well as the area. You can anticipate to pay anywhere from $15 to $75 for a healthy and balanced grown-up bird. For a chick, you’ll pay $3 to $10.

The Number Of Toes Do Silkies Have?

Silkies are recognized for having black skin as well as bones, in addition to 5 toes on each foot, as opposed to the typical 4. This hereditary anomaly is called polydactylism, as well as it is reasonably uncommon in poultries.

Do Silkie Chickens Have Wattles?

Like various other poultries, Silkies have wattles– fleshy projections that suspend from the reduced side of their head. On the chickens, the wattles are smaller sized as well as much less obvious than the ones on the fowls.

Wattles are utilized to control body temperature level as well as play an essential duty in the poultry’s reproductive system.

For How Long Do Silkie Eggs Require To Hatch?

Silkie poultry eggs take roughly 21 days to hatch out. The procedure can differ a little relying on the incubation problems as well as the age of the chicken, however usually, hatching out occurs within 3 weeks.

Throughout this moment, it is essential to preserve a regular temperature level as well as Family member Moisture (RH) degree in the incubator.

If these degrees change as well significantly, it can create problems throughout hatching as well as might also cause fatality.

Once the eggs have actually begun to hatch out, it is additionally vital to offer ample air flow to avoid the chicks from asphyxiating.

Do Silkie Hens Have Black Meat?

These poultries have a tendency to have darker meat than various other types of poultry. This is because of the reality that their skin is additionally black, which suggests that they have greater degrees of melanin in their bodies.

What Are Silkie Hens Great For?

Silkies are widely maintained as family pets because of their accommodating as well as pleasant nature. They are additionally great layers of eggs, as well as their meat is taken into consideration to be naturally seasoned.

Silkies are not usually utilized for business egg manufacturing because of their reduced egg outcome, however they offset this in various other means.

As an example, their plumes can be utilized to make cushions as well as garments, as well as their meat is usually utilized in Chinese food.

What Does a Silkie Poultry Preference Like?

A Silkie poultry is a heritage type of poultry that is identified by its black skin, bones, as well as meat.

The taste of Silkie poultry meat has actually been referred to as resembling dark meat poultry, with a somewhat gamey preference.

Do Silkie Hens Like To Be Held?

Hens are not recognized for being specifically snuggly pets, however that does not suggest they do not delight in a great back scrape once in a while.

Silkies are a type of poultry that is recognized for being specifically accommodating, as well as they appear to delight in being held as well as cuddled.

Actually, many individuals that maintain Silkies as family pets claim that they act much more like canines than poultries. They will certainly follow their proprietors about, perch on their shoulders, as well as also being in their laps.

Are Silkie Hens Great For Beginners?

Silkies are a prominent option for novices, as they are reasonably reduced upkeep as well as simple to take care of.

Silkies are additionally recognized for getting along as well as accommodating, making them satisfying family pets for both youngsters as well as grownups. On top of that, Silkies are rather sturdy birds as well as can endure both cold and hot climate condition.

Do Silkie Hens Lay Eggs To Consume?

Silkies are not usually utilized for egg manufacturing, as they have smaller sized bodies as well as lay less eggs than various other poultry types. Some individuals do select to consume Silkies eggs, as they are taken into consideration to be a special.

The taste of Silkies eggs is stated to be richer as well as much more extreme than that of various other poultry eggs, making them a distinct as well as popular reward.

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