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Do It Yourself Electric Fire Place Remodeling|Centsational Design

Do It Yourself Electric Fire Place Remodeling|Centsational Design

This job began as a suggestion in my mind, exactly how can I change the cost-free electrical fire place that featured the Florida home we acquired You can see the initial fire place in those realty listing photos from previously this year. All summertime long I really did not trouble with the suggestion of a fire place in Florida with 90+ level days. I had actually saved the electrical fire place in one more area reasoning I would certainly market it.

However when I returned in November it was cold as well as I believed exactly how great it would certainly be to have a fire place as a resource of warm. I enjoy a fire place as a prime focus in living as well as living room, as well as I constantly had in the rear of my mind a suggestion to construct a flooring to ceiling electrical fire place border in the living-room in this home. Rather I made a decision to redesign the one I carried website. Could it be done? Could I provide it a fresher appearance, one that enhanced the design of the house? What did I need to shed? I enjoy to report my experiment functioned!

The fire place looks entirely various than when I began. It has a modern-day smooth distinctive do with cleaner lines that is repainted the exact same neutral white as the wall surfaces. I needed to provide it a complete transformation which was no straightforward job!

The one listed below is what I began with, you can see it is among those standard items that can be gotten online, however regrettably the design really did not fit my coastal-meets-modern visual. I really did not such as the typical trim, the slim directed legs, or the glass as well as rock ceramic tile face. I desired something far more straightforward, contemporary as well as modern, something that would certainly decline right into the history as well as appear like it belonged.

I do not have a miter saw in Florida. I just have one in The golden state, so if I was mosting likely to tackle this job it needed to be performed with standard devices, straightforward products, as well as some aid from the lumber reducing division at Lowe’s.

I started by deconstructing the fire place as well as taking it apart. I needed to comprehend exactly how it was created if I was mosting likely to get rid of items as well as still have a functioning framework. It disclosed it was a hollow MDF framework held with each other by secures, screws, as well as webcam screws.

It was low-cost building however had simply adequate framework to collaborate with. I started getting rid of the ornamental trim I really did not desire which needed to be very carefully done so I would not harm the framework I intended to maintain.

Following I very carefully got rid of the ceramic tile on the front made from glass as well as rock. It was glued on rather well so I was fortunate I kept in mind to put on safety glasses as well as handwear covers due to the fact that fragments were standing out anywhere!

Currently was the decisive moment, could I place everything back with each other to ensure that it was structurally seem? Why of course, it was! Simply seeking a totally various coating.

I understood I desired a wall surface appearance coating however wall surface appearance does not adhere to repainted MDF so I generated a strategy to cover it in slim hardboard panels, the kind you utilize for developing board as well as batten wall surface therapies or lining the rear of cabinets. I made use of among these hardboard panels

I located in your home Depot as well as cut it item by item with a blade to fit the fire place framework. I glued them on with Gorilla adhesive as well as safeguarded them with pin nails.

I intentionally connected them with the harsh rear end encountering out to ensure that the joint substance I was intending to utilize would certainly hold on to the surface area.

This component was time consuming due to the fact that each item needed to be reduced to particular measurements as well as the hardboard panels are difficult to reduce with simply a blade. With perseverance I had the ability to do it as well as cover every one of the upright sides of the framework.

Currently it was time for the brand-new mantel! I desired something bigger with a thicker top so I acquired a 16″ item of want for the leading as well as 1 × 3″ strips

for the sides as well as had them reduce to the best dimensions at Lowe’s in the lumber division. I screwed them completely as well as to the top of the framework by predrilling openings with drill little bits as well as joining them along with timber screws.

Ultimately to link the hardboard panel items as well as smooth the edges I made use of joint tape

safeguarded with extra gorilla adhesive to guarantee it would certainly stick.

This is the last framework prior to the application of the joint substance:

I was a little anxious now due to the fact that I can see the brand-new form however asked yourself if the joint substance coating would certainly function. I used 2 layers of joint substance to the fire place border, enabling them to completely dry for 1 day in between layers as well as fining sand in between. Once it was completely dry as well as sanded I topped the item and afterwards repainted it the exact same shade as the wall surface.

Everything integrated completely as I thought of as well as the whole job just cost me concerning $60. Satisfied!

The profile of the beginning factor …

And Also the after:

I still need to conceal the fire place cable, you can see it bulging on the side. I scratched the fire place’s side wall surface simply sufficient to permit the cable to fit with as well as strategy to repaint it the exact same shade as the wall surface so it assimilates as well as utilize tiny U formed staples to hold it in position versus the wall.

Total I’m extremely delighted with the outcome! The percentages of the fire place fit the wall surface well with room for sconces as well as chairs. It’s evidence that with vision as well as a couple of devices as well as products you can change items to fit your design!

The electrical fire place insert is so excellent, it has a number of degrees of fire as well as temperature level as well as a push-button control that opts for it. The evening it was total it drizzled so I unlocked as well as paid attention to the rainfall while I rested by the fire appreciating my job!

I’m sharing the whole job in video clip on Instagram Reels as well as you can see exactly how comfortable it goes to evening because video clip.

To the living-room area, I additionally included a rounded coffee table to the room as well as my couch will certainly be supplied in January, after that I’ll include some cushions as well as the area will certainly be total!

There was a console I had remaining on the fire place wall surface however I relocate to the contrary wall surface so it’s alongside the front door, the best area to go down tricks, mail, and so on

This home will certainly be leased January with May so I enjoy with exactly how much it’s come considering that we acquired it in April. I’ll share various other room enhancements in this house soon.:-RRB-(*)



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